West Liberty Foods Culinary Process

Fresh inspiration from the protein experts.

Whether you’re looking for innovative new products or recipe ideas for the next hot menu item, our culinary experts bring structure and valuable insights to the development process. We’ll take a holistic look at your operations and target segments, adapting industry trends that are relevant to your menu. Working side by side with our partners, we will develop solutions fit to grow your business.

Meet Chef Aliza.

Chef Aliza KatzCorporate Executive Chef & Director of Culinary Innovation Aliza Katz comes to West Liberty Foods with more than 15 years of food industry experience, including over a decade in product and recipe development, marketing and sales. She’s passionate about bringing customized solutions to our partners—informed by your menu strategy, sales goals and a thorough analysis of the latest food industry trends. Chef Aliza understands the need to work at the speed of your operation—and deliver results—by collaborating with ingredient partners and our in-house R&D team.

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At West Liberty Foods, R&D is defined through efficiency and expertise. Our team is led by Andy Jaspers, who has worked in the food industry for over 25 years. Under his guidance, the R&D department turns original chef-driven concepts into operationally feasible products. The team is involved in every step of the innovation process, with effective communication playing an integral role in successful product development. Our R&D specialists bring their knowledge of customization, food safety and operational needs to every project, ready to tackle any challenges our customers may face.




Protein Bowl


We’re always thinking outside the box to create meaningful, relevant solutions for our partners. Development requests come from many angles, such as the need to fill a menu gap, appeal to a specific demographic or improve nutritional content. Our recommendations are shaped by a combination of consumer research, inspiring flavor trends and culinary ideation sessions. Whether it’s creating a unique product offering from an underutilized cut of protein, collaborating with seasoning manufacturers to develop signature flavor systems or developing craveworthy menu items for any daypart, we always go above and beyond for our partners.



Noted foodservice publications, culinary experts and research firms have identified major trends for the food industry in 2016. We’re excited to see that many protein-related topics have appeared on these lists. Here are some of the ways West Liberty Foods can help you develop products and LTOs that reflect the tastes of today’s foodservice patrons, based on key trends.


WORLDWIDE FLAVOR: Globally influenced flavors show no signs of slowing down. Our sous vide products—such as Chili Verde Pork, Thai Red Chili Chicken and Peri Peri Chicken—are developed to showcase bold, ethnic-inspired ingredients.

ELEVATING COMFORT CLASSICS: Made with a variety of proteins and flavor profiles, hearty items like meatballs and sausages are making a comeback. We offer fully cooked proteins to meet that demand.

CLEANER LABELING: We recognize the importance of clean labeling initiatives and offer many antibiotic-free turkey, pork and chicken products, along with gluten-free, MSG-free and reduced-sodium options.

FAST FOOD TRANSFORMATION: QSR Plus and Fast Casual operations are changing what it means to serve fast food. West Liberty Foods combines quality and innovation with flavorful par-fry and fully cooked IQF products like chicken wings and unique breaded appetizers.

Reference: Technomic’s Take: 2016 Food Trends