We’re uniquely qualified to handle any protein challenge.

With expertise in turkey, beef, pork and chicken, West Liberty Foods is here to help our foodservice and retail partners achieve success. Our facilities are equipped to handle a wide range of packaging, processing and slicing possibilities, so we can deliver custom protein solutions that meet any menu or sales need.



Clean label products.

West Liberty Foods’ clean labeling initiatives reflect our desire to help operators meet consumer demand for menu transparency through higher-quality products. We’ve taken such steps as removing phosphates and reducing sodium, and many of our products are naturally gluten free, casein free and MSG free. We also offer many antibiotic-free turkey, pork and chicken products.

Sliced luncheon meats, turkey bacon, skillet meals, breakfast sausage and more. All of our antibiotic-free offerings are hormone free, vegetarian fed, free from nitrates or nitrites, free from preservatives and casein free.

Delivering quality and innovation.

Whether you’re in need of on-trend appetizers, profitable entrées or high-volume sliced proteins, West Liberty Foods can create items for all dayparts and menu types. Our customization process is driven by culinary expertise. Here’s just a sampling of what we offer:

Fully Cooked IQF Products
Grilled, baked, enrobed, chopped/formed, steam-cooked and convection items, such as grilled chicken strips and patties, meatballs, breakfast sausage and fully cooked chicken wings

Sous Vide Products
Whole muscle sous vide products with bold flavors, including cook-in-bag rotisserie-style chicken, carnitas and brisket

Sliced and Whole Muscle Proteins width=
Turkey, ham, roast beef, chicken, pastrami, corned beef and dry sausage, available in stacks, shingles, shaved/fluffed, setups and logs; interleaf options available

High pressure processing.

HPP Machine

We use innovative, environmentally friendly methods to improve the safety and shelf life of our products. High pressure processing (HPP) systems maintain the flavor and nutrients of fresh food while destroying foodborne pathogens.

  • Six HPP units among four of our facilities
  • Reduces or avoids the need for food preservatives
  • Environmentally friendly, using only recycled water and electricity



Where convenience meets customization.

Our efficient packaging systems bring added value to our pre-sliced meats and IQF offerings. In fact, we developed consumer-friendly Peel & Reseal options that use less plastic than leading retail tray packaging. With a variety of size configurations available, Peel & Reseal technology is perfect for private label and co-packing opportunities. Other retail packaging options include cartons made from 100% recyclable materials. Additional packaging capabilities for our foodservice customers include gas-flushed or vacuum-packed pouches, trays and bulk offerings. All of our retail and foodservice packaging is HPP-ready.

Customized Packaging



Experts in Product Customization

A development process that works for you.

Beyond our existing product lineup, West Liberty Foods can develop new items to meet our customers’ needs. We’re experts in product customization, thanks to the collaborative efforts of our research and development, food scientist and chef teams. For our foodservice partners, keeping your equipment and other back-of-house considerations in mind, we’ll take you through the product ideation and menu development processes in our state-of-the-art facilities. On the retail side, we work quickly and efficiently to help expand your current product offerings and grow your brands.

Global support solutions.

Looking to ship product internationally? We can take you where you want to go. Contact us for more information on our export program. Services include:

  • Temperature-controlled warehousing
  • Dedicated inland transportation
  • Rail services
  • Cross dock
  • Trans-loading freight consolidation
  • Manufacturing
  • High pressure processing (HPP)
  • Supply chain logistics and consulting
  • Third-party redistribution
  • Container consolidation
  • Procurement
  • Export documentation
  • Labeling
  • On-site government services (USDA, Veterinary)
  • Regulatory compliance

Introducing Liberty Cold! For more information on our new cold storage distribution center in Bolingbrook, Illinois, visit libertycold.com.