WLF Facility Earns 'Landfill Free' Status from NSF-ISR

Pictured from left to right- Ed Garrett, President & CEO, Kirk Hansen, Business Development Manager NSF International, Michele Boney, Environmental Compliance Officer, Gerald Lessard, Vice President and COO.

West Liberty Foods Facility Earns ‘Landfill Free’ Status from NSF International Strategic Registrations
Tremonton Facility is one of the First Designations Nationally

West Liberty, Iowa (February 22, 2012) -- West Liberty Foods, L.L.C. announced today that its Tremonton, Utah facility has successfully achieved 'landfill free' status. This status was independently verified by NSF International Strategic Registrations Ltd. (NSF-ISR), a leader in management systems registrations whose parent organization NSF International writes standards and tests that certify products for the food, water, building products and consumer goods industries. West Liberty Foods is among the first companies in the United States to have its 'landfill free' claim verified by a third party organization, a major milestone in the food industry.

The NSF-ISR verification process was used to ensure that West Liberty Foods could demonstrate the total waste from its Tremonton facility entering the landfill was less than the industry acceptable 1%. Through working to accomplish this status, West Liberty Foods' Tremonton facility has successfully diverted nearly 3.5 million pounds of annual waste from the local landfill.

“West Liberty Foods is excited by the positive environmental impact achieved by the combination of our staff and state-of-the-art facilities,” says Gerald Lessard, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for West Liberty Foods. "Our commitment has always been to set the industry standard for food safety, and now we've been able to become a leader in the environmental arena as well."

West Liberty Foods developed a two-step approach to accomplishing this monumental status. First, the facility completed an internal audit to assess current practices. This audit allowed the facility to increase its recycling initiatives by identifying local vendors to recycle waste for energy. After the audit, internal processes were developed and extensive employee training was undertaken. West Liberty Foods' employees are critical to the overall success of this program.

“West Liberty Foods is one of the first companies to have independently verified its 'landfill free' claim by an independent third party organization” says Kirk Hansen, Business Development Manager with NSF International. “Independent verification demonstrates transparency and communicates peace of mind to consumers.”

West Liberty Foods is committed to environmental excellence when serving its clients and the communities that it calls home. As a result of the success seen in Tremonton, West Liberty Foods plans to duplicate the 'landfill free' program in its remaining facilities located in Mount Pleasant, Iowa and West Liberty, Iowa.

About West Liberty Foods: West Liberty Foods is a leading co-packer, private label manufacturer, and foodservice supplier of sliced deli meats and fully cooked IQF products. They supply products to many well-known retail and foodservice chains nationwide. In 2004 they became the first turkey processing facility to become ISO 14001:2004 Certified (www.wlfoods.com).

About NSF International: NSF International is an independent public health and safety organization that writes standards and certifies products for the food, water and consumer goods industries to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment (nsf.org). Founded in 1944, NSF is committed to protecting human health and safety worldwide and operates in more than 150 countries. NSF is a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Food and Water Safety and Indoor Environment.

NSF International Strategic Registrations (NSF-ISR), an NSF International Company, offers a comprehensive portfolio of management systems registration solutions to meet the demands of the global marketplace (nsf-isr.org). NSF-ISR also offers sustainability solutions, claims verification, and custom audit services.

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